Ultimately, as much an art as a science, responsive Web design requires an understanding of Internet user behaviour, and how best to adjust screen size and layout to make your site look and function optimally.

Bubblefish® Responsive Web Design

With some 80 percent of Internet users accessing websites with tablets and smartphones, there’s never been a greater need for responsive Web design. As a result, the phrase ‘responsive Web design’ has become a buzzword, one of those things people often say without truly understanding what it means. And perhaps part of that comes from the vagueness of the phrase itself, but the other part comes from sheer ignorance of tech terminology.

What ‘responsive website design’ actually means, though, is that a Web page’s layout adjusts to fit whatever screen a visitor is viewing it on. Perhaps you’ve seen this in action yourself when you’ve loaded a website on your tablet and found it looks slightly different from how it looks on your laptop. The idea, ultimately, is to design a website that maintains a consistent, user-friendly interface for any portable device, whether it’s an iPad or an iPhone, a tablet or an Android smartphone. 

Of course, getting a website’s layout to shift when loaded on various screens is a simple coding trick, and as we’re sure you know, some mobile-compatible websites simply aren’t as attractive as others. This is because creating a website that looks great on multiple screen sizes takes the work of a responsive-Web designer well-versed in creating pages that look great from every angle. This requires an understanding of which layouts provide optimum functionality for different devices and screen sizes. 

As much an art as a science, responsive Web design requires an understanding of Internet user behaviour, and how best to adjust screen size and layout to make your site look and function optimally. With so many screen sizes and mobile device designs, experience is a key factor, and our developers can create a mobile-responsive site that keeps your visitors engaged.

An Example of Responsive Web Design

Creating a responsive design requires a particular attention to detail. For example, if a captivating picture is the first place a visitor’s eyes go, it’s important to maintain that effect on portable devices. This may require a layout adjustment based on device type and screen size. Maintaining the impact of your site is a vital part of responsive Web design, and that’s the aim of our developers. 

How Bubblefish Sets Up A Responsive Website

With over 200 brands created and four consecutive Interactive Media Awards for Outstanding Achievement to our credit, Bubblefish is a responsible-site developer that ‘gets it’. We don’t just go for the ‘pretty page’, nor are we after a website whose elements simply shift every time a screen tips sideways. We create whole Brand Strategies (links to brand strategy) for our clients, focusing just as much on how a website we’re building adds value for prospective customers and generates buzz.

Our method of building responsive websites starts, then, like any other campaign we undertake: We first sit down with a new client and absorb every detail about her business. We learn who she is as a person, who her customers are, what she sells, how much of it she sells and who her biggest competitors are; we dive into examining every last minutia, then we hit the hard data of the client’s market and target consumers.

Once we’ve culled all the information available, then, we get to work determining and designing towards what research show the consumer wants. We determine personality-wise what it is about each client that sets them apart and fits into what an unfulfilled want from consumers. Our goal is to create websites that present our clients’ companies as people their prospective customers want to meet by telling each client’s story in the most effective way possible.

What results from this, consequently, are gorgeous, technologically ground-breaking responsive Web pages consumers connect with deeply, no matter the device they ‘surf the Web’ on. Again, how we get there is learning everything about our clients, following a philosophy we like to call, ‘Know Your Brand®’. And, if our past nine years of success after success are any indication, we’ll continue building responsive Web pages that drive business for many years to come.

With advanced design techniques, our team can create the perfect online presence for your business. We use proven strategies to generate Web customers, as well as rank your site high for target keywords. 

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