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After 40 years of painstaking research, Australia’s Berry Baron, Ridley Bell of Mountain Blue Farms came up with the ultimate blueberry by sheer accident.

Appropriately named Eureka, these blueberries were bigger, better, tastier yet with no genetic intervention. Despite its blue blooded heritage, Eureka did not elicit a positive market response from the trade. Coles supermarkets were reluctant to stock the product without a compelling story to tell. The brand needed to be urgently repositioned before launch while retaining the name (Eureka) and tag line (“Australia’s New Blues”) created by the previous agency.


  • The brief to Bubblefish was berry brief. Sell! Oakville Produce & Perfection Fresh saw a strategic opportunity in positioning Eureka as a fast, convenient and healthy ingredient for the most important meal of the day, the morning breakfast. The challenge was to create demand for the brand while growing interest in blueberries as a smart breakfast solution for brain rich, time poor Aussies.


  • “Start your day with Australia’s New Blues” became the catch cry of the new campaign. A range of breakfast recipes – raw meals, prepared bites, drinks, smoothies, and stackable snacks... made New Blues a surprising healthy variant for breakfast. What’s more, the campaign created new demand by inducing those who often skipped breakfast to try out some new recipes.
Bubblefish - Case Study -
  • The execution was simple yet striking. A conspicuous array of punnets, assorted packs of processed product, exhibits featuring recipe suggestions and open display of giant sized, naked New Blues caught the fancy of shoppers at launch. The quality of the product, the soundness of the strategy, the boldness of the creative (that matched the size of the New Blues) and the launch environment that Coles provided all worked together in unison to produce a great campaign.
The launch was a true-blooded success. New Blues was a total sell out.
Bubblefish - Case Study
  • The launch was a true-blooded success. New Blues was a total sell out. The product disappeared from most Coles supermarkets before we could even say “Eureka”! Soon, enquiries started pouring in from international buyers. The beginning of the New Blues season (July-October) usually coincides with State of Origin Rugby. “This is about the only time when the whole nation (the fruit is grown across four different States) - including the Maroons - rallies behind the Blues,” says an avid Cowboys fan who wanted to remain anonymous.
  • Eureka! Another discovery! The Eureka New Blues campaign has earned Mountain Blue Farms recognition as one of the top five Marketers of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers in Australia and New Zealand (more details here)! The rising sales of its blueberries and now this shining glory has overjoyed client, Ashlee Kilmartin, Marketing Manager. Congratulations to the Bubblefish-Mountain Blue Farms team!
  • "Huge thank you to the Bubblefish team in assisting with our successful digital strategy" - Ashlee Kilmartin.

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