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An App that is sure to whet your appetite!

Taline Gabriel is an avid food blogger, passionate about the use of raw, organic ingredients in her refreshing, vegan recipes. Her mouth-watering eats and sweets are gluten and dairy free, many with no refined sugar.

Taline set about spreading the goodness of her creations under the label Hippie Lane using Instagram as the main showcase. Her popularity quickly grew to a steady 40 K following.


  • Leverage the growing interest in healthy eating and demand for special diet foods to create an App that would monetise Taline's talent.
  • Hippie Lane's look and feel on Instagram did not align with the brand/Taline's core values and personality.
  • While the food imagery was appealing, the name itself did not readily resonate with the target audience. However, rebranding was not an available option. 
  • There was no easy way of accessing the wide range of recipes that were generating plenty of interest.


  • First differentiate Taline’s talent and creations in the already crowded #Healthy / #Raw / #Vegan space.
  • Reposition Hippie Lane from its young, funky look to an edgy, vibrant brand with target specific appeal.
  • Create a killer App that would whet the appetite of anyone who engaged with Taline on Instagram.
  • Enable synergies across Hippie Lane's Instagram and website presence through a user friendly App.
  • Then leverage the brand’s refreshed personality and expanding followership to launch the App to achieve desired business results.
Bubblefish - Case Study -
  • Fresh colours, clean layouts and free-flowing drawings unrecognisably transformed the personality of the brand.
  • The facelift to the website and Instagram pages was supported by a comprehensive app that provided everything a user needed to recreate Taline's tempting recipes at home. 
"Insta-famous: The mums who become social media stars" - The Daily Telegraph
Bubblefish - Case Study
  • The brand was transformed into a virtual icon that readily resonated with its target groups.
  • Instagram followership grew: 43K to 154K within 12 months (Current status: 423K, Aug 2016).
  • The App soon became the best seller in its category achieving a 30% sales penetration.
  • "Insta-famous mum" titled by The Daily Telegraph.
  • Decadent desserts and nourishing nutrients merged into one lane creating a new opportunity space.
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