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Bismark, nicknamed Bizzy, is a corporate ‘knowledge worker’ who is also passionate about workouts.

His ultimate mission is to introduce simple, fun-filled obesity reduction programs in schools for Australian kids. As part of this journey, Bismark began training Dads engaged in busy, demanding jobs to experience wholesome fitness so they could in turn inspire a culture of regular exercise, healthy cooking/eating, and stress-free living at home.


  • Bismark has been known for his personal training expertise and experience helping sporty youth groups to reach their peak fitness levels. He is now targeting more sedentary corporate executives and self-employed professionals with customised programs that emphasise mental tuning as much as physical toning alongside healthy eating habits.   
  • The challenge was to create a brand that was firmly anchored to the physical yet able to transcend its boundaries to convey the more comprehensive nature of his programs tailored to an urbane audience.


  • The strategy was to elevate personal training to a conveniently capsuled, carefully configured, autonomous exercise routine. The brand required to be sophisticated and approachable at the same time, sensitive to the needs of first time or long lapsed users, who lacked initial confidence to get (back) into a regular schedule.
  • The visual and verbal language needed to be distinctly different to align with the more discerning corporate and professional target.
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  • The business was named Beyond Metaphysique. Its inspiration came from the word ‘Metaphysique’ which while combining the physical with the metaphysical, meaningfully captured the platform on which the Brand was positioned. The tagline “Extend your body. Expand your mind” further strengthened the core value proposition, incorporating the potential mental and physical aspects of the program. The prefix “Beyond” adopted to facilitate trademarking also worked to lift ‘Metaphysique’ to another level.     
  • A simple yet striking visual mark depicted the letter ‘M’ which when viewed laterally also represented the letter ‘B’. The graphic was also subtly suggestive of the dynamic activity levels during a typical cardiac workout program.
“Extend your body. Expand your mind”
Bubblefish - Case Study
  • The Brand is showing early signs of its iconic promise as Beyond Metaphysique attracts growing interest from corporate executives, self-employed professionals and their young families. The enthusiastic response is encouraging Bizzy to consider ‘Fit for Family’ programs that offer the benefits of quality ‘together time’, mutual support and all round well-being.
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