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This entrepreneurially oriented Asian multinational engaged in importing Australian frozen meat/seafood and agricultural produce into China (and neighbouring countries) saw a game changing opportunity with the opening up of free trade between the two nations.

It ventured to set up an online marketplace for direct e-commerce interface between Aussie farmers and Chinese buyers, bypassing middlemen/agencies to deliver superior cost/efficiency benefits.

The client wanted a branded web portal that served as an efficient and dynamic virtual platform for information/knowledge sharing and real time transacting.  


  • In a business where longstanding relationships based on personal trust and face to face interaction are critical, the service had to overcome any reluctance on the part of Aussie farmers to readily embrace an automated platform that was unknown and untested.
  • Equally, Chinese buyers needed to be reassured that access to quality produce and integrity of business dealings strongly associated with Aussie farmers was still available via the portal.


  • Straightforward portal branding and a clear value proposition that will elicit instant appeal among Aussie famers whilst facilitating easy comprehension by their Chinese buyers (with minimal loss in translation). Create an environment that establishes an emotional connection and a sense of familiarity/comfort for both buyers and sellers when using the technology solution. 
  • Build a unique web personality that clearly differentiates the service from any potential competition.
Bubblefish - Case Study -
  • The portal was branded as Meating Point, and the line “Gateway to new markets. Great way to do business.” verbalised its compelling promise. Sharp yet simple. 
  • Visual treatment recreated a countryside environment where buyers and sellers could meet in familiar, free range surroundings but with the added benefit of technology.  
  • As in the strategy, technology and tradition cleverly came together to produce a powerful video featuring a fourth generation Aussie farmer. Its candid narrative and countryside scenery (captured by drone mounted cameras) helped to communicate why the Meeting Point was a great place to start for Aussie farmers and Chinese buyers.

“Gateway to new markets. Great way to do business.”
Bubblefish - Case Study
  • The portal concept animated by the video is garnering growing support for the Meating Point from farmers around Australia. A trade show in China will present the proposition to buyers who are keen to access quality Australian livestock and produce for breeding and consumption.
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