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Despite its healthy credentials (a rich source of Vitamin A, Beta carotene and anti-oxidants, among others), sweet potato has traditionally featured low on household grocery shopping lists.

Hydro Produce, a family owned farming and veggie business chose to liberate this everyday root tuber out of its ‘strait-jacketed’ demand trajectory. A decision to launch a creative campaign to build awareness, kindle new interest and motivate purchase coincided with a timely joint promotion opportunity with the leading supermarket chain, Woolworths.


  • The task was to reposition sweet potato from a nondescript vegetable into a versatile, principal ingredient in a range of delightfully tempting recipes.
  • In addition to establishing a new commodity brand, the campaign had to provide Hydro Produce with a clear, competitive advantage through association.
  • The challenge was compounded by the imperative to deliver quality in-store collateral and exciting digital presence to support a tightly time-bound promotion.


  • The secret recipe for the campaign’s success was making sure that all key ingredients came together in the right measure and in the right mix. A clear brief from Hydro Produce’s strategically minded Marketing Manager, Bubblefish’s immense talent in brand building and Woolies’ massive merchandising real estate.
  • Showcasing the ‘product in use’ was recognised as the sweet spot for maximum impact. Split and seasoned, sliced and spiced, snipped and shallow fried, or smashed and stirred, the commonplace sweet potato came to life on its own and in combination with rice, curries, greens and salads. A culture of sharing turned a healthy meal into an enjoyable communal experience.
Bubblefish - Case Study -
  • Fresh imagery, earthy typography, crispy headlines and raw colours helped to transform a dull, dreary produce into a branded icon via POS material and takeaway recipe cards.
  • A dedicated website (www.sweetpotatoes.com.au), Pinterest and Instagram captured the same magic online and within social platforms.
A culture of sharing turned a healthy meal into an enjoyable communal experience.
Bubblefish - Case Study
  • The campaign yielded quick, healthy returns.
  • People walking past the aisles before, now picked up the colourful ribbon adorned bags, tossing them into their trolleys.
  • For Hydro Produce, it drove sales while enhancing brand salience thus creating a clear point of difference on retail shelves.
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