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QueenTea was launched in 2011 as Queen of Spades. Live market experience in Sydney suggested an opportunity to re-brand and re-position as a new concept in bubble tea making that could be franchised around the world.

The idea of a ‘Mother of all Bubble teas’ that challenged existing paradigms in the industry defined this new vision. QueenTea caters to a more cosmopolitan, health conscious market. The emphasis is on quality, innovation, customer well-being and variety - designed to appeal to Caucasian and ethnic Asian (or other minority) markets.


  • The change was not meant to be a mere brand refresh. QueenTea was committed to offering a bubble tea experience that resonated better with a more culturally diverse population in international cities such as Sydney, San Francisco, Ottawa, London… without disenfranchising the traditional bubble tea drinker. This required a fundamental relook at the business model – the target, the value proposition, the communication and the in-store experience.


  • Research in Sydney revealed that the refreshing nature of the drink was its prime attraction apart from the cha’s nostalgic appeal. Yet, there were barriers that inhibited consumption – how much sugar did it contain? Is it healthy? What ingredients went into it?... The research also indicated new opportunities for growth – more intimate brand engagement, a segmented all day menu, a cosmopolitan look and feel, etc.
Bubblefish - Case Study - Queentea
  • The name Queen of Spades was perceived to be different but not reflective of the “mother of all bubble teas” status. QueenTea became the obvious choice for the rebrand. As the product concept evolved, it was clear that “Real cha. Refreshing change.” best represented its new brand promise.
  • Everything about the brand’s expression was therefore crafted to be either real or refreshing. Real product (quality tea, healthy ingredients), real people (a qualified Charista, collateral featuring people and products), a refreshing design style and colour palette, a welcoming store front and an open invitation to connect online.
It was clear that “Real cha. Refreshing change.” best represented its new brand promise.
Bubblefish - Case Study
  • Even as QueenTea is being tested as a concept, interest among potential franchisees in USA, Canada, UK and even Africa is growing. The idea of a new cha that will burst the many bubbles in the industry is gaining ground among astute business folk who recognise its immense potential.
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