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Thainabox is a long established (1998) chain of quality Thai restaurants that pioneered the 4-step ‘design your own dish concept’.

To this day, it serves the widest range of fresh, aromatic, Thai style noodles custom cooked in a traditional wok. Takeaway comes in characteristically Asian yet funky biodegradable boxes (hence, the name Thainabox). 

With 7 stores across Sydney and plans for franchised operations, Thainabox has made the “Your noodles, your way” a signature concept in Thai cuisine. 

The Thainabox foodmobile is also fast becoming a star attraction at major Sydney events.


  • With more and more eating outlets adopting the modular ‘Design your own dish” concept, Thainabox no longer enjoyed its pioneering advantage. 
  • With restaurants from Bondi to Parramatta and Neutral Bay to Burwood, the umbrella brand needed fresh reinforcement. However, the box was no longer unique to the chain with a growing number of Asian eating houses replicating the idea. 
  • Sluggish sales and absence of a unique value proposition was beginning to erode brand value. 


  • With several copycat restaurants and takeaways mushrooming around Sydney, the brand needed to assume a leadership stance becoming synonymous with quality Thai food that is especially crafted for Australian tastebuds. Thainabox required an outside the box thinking.
  • Beyond highlighting the variety of the menu, the brand embraced the concept of a Thai adventure (quite like the modern day Silk Road), tracing the path of exotic Asian spices from Thailand to Australia.  
Bubblefish - Case Study - Bubblefish Brand Strategy Thainabox Store
  • A unique assortment of pictures, illustrations and animated icons against a beige coloured cartographic background brought the concept to life on the website. 
  • Importantly, the treatment was carried across to a prominent wall in the physical store. What went into the wok thus defined the promise of what came out of it.
"Your noodles, your way. Tracing the path of exotic Asian spices from Thailand to Australia."
Bubblefish - Case Study
  • A revitalised brand spawned heightened interest in franchising opportunities that became available as the business sensed a surging demand. 
  • Revaluation of the business as part of the expansion indicated a significant growth in market value.
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