A beauty brand gets more than a face lift


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This face contouring kit, a beauty brand born out of Indonesia, had carved a fair share in the US and UK markets thanks to expansive reach and penetrative pricing on Amazon.

The idea was simple. Emulate the quality of top brands and sell at a lower price to young and not so young smart shoppers. The strategy worked well - up to a point. But, the brand itself increasingly became the target of price competition from newer, cheaper entrants.


  • Simultaneously, a rebrand was necessary in one of the markets. This presented an opportunity to rethink the business model. Inspired by Bubblefish’s swimming against the tide philosophy, the owner, Adeline, a solar scientist turned entrepreneur chose to brave the world and launch a new brand. A formidable challenge in a keenly contested industry with some big names and innumerable small players. Most brands followed a rote formula - exotic names, premium packaging, celebrity/blogger endorsement… There was growing use of technology in deciding skin types but no human centred product innovation.


  • The thinking was founded on the principles of minimalist product for maximum effect. The number of shades was reduced to allow for larger size blocks that lasted longer, representing increased value. At the same time, the palette collections were segmented for skin tones (Day light, Twilight and Midnight series), so consumers only bought what they needed avoiding wastage. All this meant greater value that was captured in a brand that was unique yet unpretentious and clad in packaging that was simple but salient.
Bubblefish - Case Study -
  • The new brand was called GUIZE FACE FX, a clever play on words that highlighted the product’s ability to subtly disguise imperfections while imparting greater confidence to face the world. The brand promise “Sharper face. Smarter value.” clearly communicated both product benefit and worth. A visual language incorporating sharp fonts, a dividing line that represented a play of highlights and contrasts (the same way the product worked on a woman’s face) created a stunning impression. Accompanied by compelling copy, the brand received more than a face lift, it won freedom. Freedom from stereotypes and from stagnation.
“Sharper face. Smarter value.”
Bubblefish - Case Study
  • Finetuning the product to align with the brand promise took serious time. But the initial response from influential bloggers and early adopters has been nothing less than exceptional. A niche brand from an emerging market had dared to alter the contours of the beauty business. GUIZE FACE FX has plans of extending to new geographies, establishing a direct online channel and adding more products to its range. Depending on its success and likely opportunities, Adeline has visions for an even more premium brand.
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