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FBI College (established in 1994) has produced some of Australia’s highly regarded and successful fashion designers, publicists, stylists, marketers and buyers.

The College pioneered the concept of a vocational business school dedicated to fashion by launching the country’s first accredited Certificate IV and Diploma in Business. Strong networks including close relationships with industry luminaries provided an experienced pool of Faculty while ensuring that the curriculum remained relevant in a dynamic, fast-paced sector. New modules covering a range of disciplines including e-commerce, digital skills, fashion photography, wardrobe and styling were progressively introduced.


  • FBI College had already established its credentials in the domain of fashion higher education.
  • Yet, online imagery and messaging did not reflect the quality of the College’s training or the calibre of its talent.
  • More importantly, its positioning and profile were not quite ‘in vogue’ with industry norms.  


  • The makeover school was just about to turn 21. It was an opportune time for FBI College to make a fashion statement of its own to announce that it had arrived!
  • Reposition the College as a total gateway to the fashion industry by combining the very principles of business and design that were the foundation of its course content and the hallmark of its graduating students.
Bubblefish - Case Study -
  • FBI College’s web presence was transformed into a complete portal that featured more than information of relevance to prospective students. It included an interactive social space, an impressive showcase of its graduates’ work and an active marketplace that replicated the real world of fashion business.
  • A revamped look and feel that mirrored the industry persona was created through use of inspiring design and stunning photography.
"Keeping with the fast-paced nature of the fashion industry, FBI has continued to expand and evolve."
Bubblefish - Case Study
  • FBI College is fast gaining recognition as the meeting place for those seeking careers in the industry as well as for employers wanting to source exciting new fashion talent in diverse functions.
  • A community of FBI students and young entrepreneurs is creating a buzz and attracting the attention of key influencers in fashion circles.
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