Eventful business gets Pride place

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At Maddison & Pride, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” event. Just as every person’s life experiences are unique, so too are the occasions that celebrate them.

Maddison & Pride crafts each & every event with passion, creativity and exquisite attention to detail – from weddings to milestone birthdays; retirements, family celebrations and more. These are places where family and friends gather and create new memories; where guests are made to feel as special as the guests of honour.

Operating as a brand extension to an award winning corporate event company, Maddison & Pride had a new target market in sight. Operating effectively as a new brand, Maddison & Pride came to us to develop their brand story, brand promise and their identity.

We decided to use the founder of Maddison & Pride, Julie Pride, as the centrepiece of the brand story. The brand would highlight Julie’s own story, her dreams, goals and her achievements over her 20 year career. Julie’s story, typified in the brand’s tagline “Celebrate with Pride”, was extended throughout her marketing collateral and her website, ensuring it would speak to the right audience.

We engaged with the audience using inspirational imagery that represented various stages of life. No matter where you’re from and what your story is, you have a story that is worth sharing.

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