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Anenpro is a New Zealand based baby food formula (with Australian antecedents) looking to establish a foothold in the hyper competitive Chinese market.

The brand recognises that breast feed is the best feed for a baby but offers the next best alternative where mother’s milk is not a viable option.   

Quality, fresh milk yielded by cows fed on lush, natural New Zealand pastures is processed in sophisticated equipment using techniques backed by 27 years of relentless research to produce pure, wholesome and balanced formula for weaned babies.


  • Despite its impressive credentials, sales of Anenpro remained sluggish a year after launch.
  • The brand story lacked sufficient engagement, the value proposition was not sharply defined and the packaging was not enticing enough.


  • Communicate the brand’s pedigree, its premiumness and personality in a simple, visual expression that resonated with Chinese mothers. 
Bubblefish - Case Study - Packaging
  • A colourful illustration of the endangered New Zealand ‘Yellow-eyed penguin’ (Maori name, Hoiho) became the cute mascot to represent Anenpro’s Kiwi origins. The penguin famed for its motherly love was the appropriate visual metaphor for the brand’s caring nature. What made the yellow-eyed bird even more endearing to new mothers was that it wrapped its eggs around her body to protect its offspring from the biting cold.  
  • The touching story and the adorable mascot appeared on the product’s packaging, brand website, and on all marketing collateral including POS material.
"Our goal is to establish a foothold in the hyper competitive Chinese market." Charles Zhang - CEO, Anenpro Australasia
Bubblefish - Case Study
  • The relaunch delivered record sales within the very first week.
  • Units sold reached 100 000 by the end of Quarter 1. 
  • Anenpro was voted the Best New (Upcoming) infant formula brand in all of China.
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