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Originating in Australia, Fresh and Press wanted to introduce their pressed juices to the Indonesian market. They planned to test the Indonesian market in a number of select cities. Different cities would feature different types of juices.

Not only were tasked with introducing a new brand into Indonesia, we had to introduce a brand new market in the drinks sector - pressed juices. Trademarking is also an issue in Indonesia as it can be easy for people to copy an idea. Once a popular trend has been established, competitors are quick to flood the market. Therefore, it was imperative for us to brand Fresh and Press with a long term marketing strategy in mind.

Understanding that social media is a very influential medium for brands, particularly in Indonesia, we created a brand name and identity that would speak to a younger skewing demographic, one that loved to share aspects of their lives online. Playing on the idea of being “Hot off the press” the Fresh and Press name, identity and packaging was designed to reference retro newspaper clippings.

We extended the “Hot off the press” idea into the design of a mystery product packaging, promoted as “Fresh off the press”. This was to ensure that product testing could be done successfully without needed to create packaging for every type of flavour.

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