Here at Bubblefish, packaging design isn’t an end, it’s a means.

Bubblefish® Packaging Design Services

As only a part of a client’s overall brand strategy, it reaffirms impressions of the client’s brand and corporate identity in customers’ minds solidifying the relationships consumers have with our clients. In other words, in Bubblefish’s packaging designers Sydney businesses get that extra chance to interact with a brand through a product packaging design that engages them as much as the product itself.

This isn’t only true for non-consumable package design, but for food packaging design as well: With multiple competitors on the same supermarket shelf, our clients must stand out for their values as well as their superior product. Many consumers, for instance, are seeking to buy healthy and eco-friendly; the brand that most conveys through its packaging that it is a leader in healthful ingredients and ethical, environmentally conscious production practices will win the day.

But this is just one example of one segment of one industry. (Indeed, some consumers don’t care about the Green and Food movements or are actively averse to them.)  Here at Bubblefish, we seek to explore the entirety of our clients’ target customers’ wants and respond to them, using product packaging as one aspect of an overall campaign. Since 2005, we have built over 200 brands with under the guiding principle ‘Scale Up Your Business’, and as our winning the Interactive Media Award for Outstanding Achievement four years and running attests, we package better and sell better than any other marketing firm.

How Bubblefish Packaging Design Works

Design isn’t just about drawing eyes; it’s about conveying messages. The first step to any Bubblefish packaging design, then, is determining what that message is, and to do so, we sit down with our clients for a full, cooperative review of every aspect of their businesses. Our goal is to know everything, from who a company’s founder is to who its major competitors are, to who its target customers are and what its current market share is.

We then do the legwork necessary to get as full a picture, based on hard data, of what a client’s market potential is and craft a corporate identity that responds to target consumers’ core worldviews. From this, we devise a client’s entire brand strategy (links to brand strategy page), soup to nuts, and build a packaging concept based on re-presenting our clients to the market at the best place at the best time, ensuring the company is ideally positioned to capitalize on its fullest market potential.

This is what we mean when we here at Bubblefish say we ‘create brands’. Indeed, we build them from the ground up, from inspiration to activation, making sure every aspect of a client’s relaunch, including product packaging, is rolled out like a finely orchestrated, well-rehearsed play, down to the last detail. This is what Bubblefish excels at, and we excel at it better than any other marketing firm in Sydney and, perhaps, the world.