We scale up businesses, with a logic of strategy and the magic of creativity.

Bubblefish®: A Creative Brand Agency Beyond Logos

When hiring a creative brand agency, you need a brand strategist that develops a full front-facing identity for your business; you need an original message, and you need to control that message, convincing consumers your business’s distinctive personality adds value to them and the overall marketplace. In short, you need Bubblefish®.

The reason Bubblefish is the branding agency Sydney businesses trust with this crucial aspect of their marketing is we look beyond simple calling cards. If a brand is a name and a logo a face, then even the most beautiful princess is nothing to the average person on those two aspects alone. But add the human interest, add focus, philosophy, voice and history, and suddenly people start associating that name and that face with themselves; they begin to see a brand as they would another human being, even as an old friend.

The Bubblefish Process

Many businesses, and indeed, many brand designers don’t consider the psychological aspect of consumers when developing a brand. Here at Bubblefish, it is the core of our strategy, and as our four consecutive years as winners of the Interactive Media Award for Outstanding Achievement and attest, it is the right strategy. Since our founding nine years ago, we have built over 200 brands this way, giving us unrivalled proof positive of our own brand philosophy: We scale up businesses, with a logic of strategy and the magic of creativity.

As for our brand-design process, it begins for all our clients with a full, cooperative drilldown on every aspect of their businesses. We want to know it all: Who the founder is as a person, who a business’s major competitors are, who its target customers are, what the company’s culture is like and what the business sells. This might seem like a rather extensive bit of groundwork, but it is critical to determining how to introduce a client’s business to consumers, and often, our clients learn more about their own businesses through this step in the Bubblefish process.

After this step, then, we research the potential market to learn what personality consumers are looking for, and coalescing this consumer want with who a client’s company is, we develop and entire brand strategy (links to brand strategy page), including name, logo and content. The end result is our clients walk away as industry leaders, having introduced their corporate identities (links to corporate identity page) to potential customers as distinctive entities people internalize and support the way they would a family member.