What is ‘branding strategy’? Perhaps it might sound like some wishy-washy marketing speak because, after all, a brand is just a logo, right? Wrong.

Bubblefish® Branding Strategy

In fact, a brand is a business’s entire personality, and brand marketing, as practiced by a proper brand strategy consultant like Bubblefish, is the overarching approach a business takes to conveying that personality to consumers.

The fact is, after all, unless you’ve reinvented the proverbial mousetrap you probably have competitors. So the question is, then, why would potential customers walk through your doors and not theirs? In fact, people might make purchases out of want or need, but they determine who to purchase from based on whom they like. And, here at Bubblefish, we go beyond mere ‘like’ and get consumers to care about our clients’ brands.

This core philosophy at Bubblefish is what has made us the brand design (links to brand design) company Sydney businesses trust to get the job done right. And, obviously, it has paid off: Since our founding by Delia Suteja in 2005, we have built and launched over 200 brands in markets as diverse as Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand, China and the United States. We take every aspect of our clients’ brands and target markets into account, and as a result of our dynamic approach to marketing, we have won the Interactive Media Award for Outstanding Achievement four years in a row and counting.

Bubblefish Branding Strategy: A Study In Excellence

Developing a brand strategy at Bubblefish begins with a comprehensive drilldown on a client’s business. We first build the client’s brand, from strategy to creativity, employing our core philosophy, ‘Scale Up Your Business’, by learning everything about a client, from who its founder is to what its corporate culture is like, to who its major competitors are and what its current market share is. In a word, we want to know everything, and we want our clients to, too – which is why we often say our clients learn more about their own businesses through working with Bubblefish than they ever knew before.

Next, we use this information, along with hard data about a client’s target consumers, to devise an entire identity for the client’s business. This includes voice and personality, based on the concept that customers support a business they see as a person, a unique individual that adds value to their lives and deserves their support. From this step, then, we devise an entire campaign based on how best to introduce consumers to a corporate identity (links to corporate identity); yes, this includes a logo, a slogan and a brand name, but at this point, these are just surface elements to the business’s much deeper, more dynamic identity.

Finally, here at Bubblefish, we trigger the brand’s launch, activating a marketplace entry that approaches potential customers when they want to be approached. We inform, entertain and edify. We meet them where they want to be met and, in so doing, turn our clients from industry participants into industry leaders.