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The client, a new player in the ‘operations management’ consulting space was promoted by professionals highly experienced in lean techniques and passionate about performance improvement.

The absence of any unique positioning or differentiated offering in the industry presented a rare opportunity to refreshingly articulate the value proposition, both strategically and creatively. It helped that our client was willing to embrace new thinking.


  • The task was to brand the business distinctly, importantly, to uniquely differentiate the service from that offered by competing operations/management consultants. The messaging traditionally has been clinical targeting a technically savvy audience.
  • The company’s delivery model was based on simplifying operations, working seamlessly across client hierarchy levels and delivering tangible performance improvement that is self-sustaining.
  • The challenge was to verbally and visually position the business in a way that reflected this inherent simplicity while inspiring internal consultants, attracting prospects and potentially reassuring clients.


  • The strategy was to first develop a powerful, emotive metaphor that uniquely represented the simple delivery model. It led us to the concept of THE VIRTUOUS CICLE (CI denoting Continuous Improvement). Driving this CICLE into perpetual motion were Purpose, People, Process (incorporating lean techniques) and Performance, the four nodes that anchored each client engagement. A simple idea that offered profound applications spanning different sectors.
Bubblefish - Case Study - Orbiz
  • The company was branded ORBIZ Performance Specialists which instantly established what business our client was involved in. The name ORBIZ originated from the roots ‘Orb’ and ‘Business’. The Orb became a symbol for a multitude of CICLES that represented value add across different dimensions.
  • The tagline “Simplifying operations. Amplifying outcomes.” encapsulated the brand promise as well as its delivery. A brilliant visual interpretation of segments of the VIRTUOUS CICLE depicted the dynamic of Purpose, People, Process and Performance. Relevant imagery, elegant typography and a distinctive colour scheme enabled a professional profile that was also personable.

A brilliant visual interpretation of segments of the VIRTUOUS CICLE depicted the dynamic of Purpose, People, Process and Performance.
Bubblefish - Case Study
  • As a new entrant, ORBIZ Performance Specialists established an immediate corporate presence across every brand touch point including its web site. At the same time, retaining its essential character built around simplicity.
  • Our client was visibly pleased with the new identity and its refreshing creative execution which helped achieve instant cut through in a competitive market.
  • Plans for extending the brand thinking into all future marketing initiatives are on the anvil.
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